• Fartai Core Advantage

    Electronics Manufacturing Services

    To provide customers with electronic program development and design, PCB production, components procurement, SMT SMT processing, prototype production and debugging, PCBA small and medium-sized batch processing and production, quality assurance maintenance one-stop electronic manufacturing services, business covers industrial control, automotive, communications, security, clean energy, medical electronic product development.

    ODM vs OEM

    Independent r&d team

    25 years + experience in electronics r&d

    IPC training certification

    Over 200 successful projects

    Engineers connect projects directly

    With successful experience to help customers shorten the development cycle, save development costs, fast delivery, from your factory, r & d, production and other investment risks, seize the market opportunities.

    International standard production line & production management


    ISO 14001:2015

    ISO 9001:2015

    ISO 13485:2016

    5S Lean production practice

    Integrated production and quality management

    Full traceability

    Excellent reputation

    Fartai Electronics Co.,Ltd.

    Hongkong Fartai Company was founded in 1992

    FARTAI ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. was established in 2014

    German company Fartai GmBH was founded in 2017

    Professionally engaged in electronic product design, electronic solution development, electronic product processing, mold development, injection molding, PCB, PCB Assembly, SMT, finished product assembly; the company's business covers: electronic solution development and design, PCB production, component procurement, SMT chip processing, One-stop electronic manufacturing services for prototype production and commissioning, PCBA small and medium batch processing production, and quality assurance and maintenance. The business covers industrial control, automotive, power, communications, security, clean energy, and medical electronic product development.



    Fartai focuses on product development and manufacturing in the medical, consumer electronics, communications, automotive, industrial control and other industries, and continuously innovates to bring new products to the market.


    More than 27 years of experience give us a professional and unique position in the field of EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services), printed circuit board manufacturing. Focus on printed circuit board design and assembly.


    We develop and design products to provide our customers with suitable supporting facilities and support from concept to finished product. This ensures a consistent and cost-optimized process from development to delivery.



    Fast printed circuit board services, faster turnaround, faster parts procurement

    Quote within 24 hours

    Complete parts procurement

    Production is in days, not weeks

    PCB design, assembly, inspection, logistics and transportation


    Design and assembly of small-volume printed circuit boards with quality assurance

    Automotive and Medical Quality Certification

    Quality control, 3D AOI, X-ray inspection, functional test.

    BGA / μBGA: Full-featured

    SMT: 2.69 million points / day

    Integrated circuit: maximum 32 mm, minimum pitch 0.25 mm


    Experienced engineers can save valuable time

    26 self-provided injection molding machines

    Turntable multicolor machine, vertical machine 4

    Complete equipment and years of manufacturing experience

    Provide one-stop service and comprehensive solutions

    Scheme process

    Efficient electronic solution development process, one-stop electronic product development and processing services

    customer demand

    Case evaluation

    signing the contract

    Develop a development plan

    Development and Design

    Prototyping and debugging

    Review improvements

    Customer acceptance

    Mass production

    Complete development

    Plan Display

    PCB, PCBA processing, electronic solution development, electronic product design, electronic product processing, electronic solution development, electronic product processing, mold development, injection molding, assembly



    Qualification & Certification

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